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Dr. Maharaj Kishen Sahib, Consultant Biotechnology Research

1964: Master's degree in Biochemistry from Central Drug Research Institute, India on the subject of regulation (induction/repression) of histidine degrading enzymes. This work not only earned Dr. Sahib a Ph.D. but was also published in the journal J.Biol.Chem (USA).

1967: Appointed as Lecturer in Biochemistry at Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

1968: Research Associate Program at Harvard Medical School, Boston Subject: Induction of arginase in normal and malignant tissues.

1969: University of Colorado Medical Centre and the National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Research on primary and secondary cell culture in mammals. Research at this site was devoted to understanding the permissive role of glucocorticoid hormone in cyclic AMP-mediated induction of tyrosine aminotransferase. In addition, the role of transcription and heterogeneous RNA processing in the induction of the enzyme was investigated.

1971: Returned to CDRI as a scientist, research on the regulation of protein turnover in rat liver. Also, studies on the role of protein nutrition in the regulation of immunity.

1975: Visiting scientist to the National Institutes of Health, USA. Research on molecular mechanisms regulating water transport in epithelial tissue (toad urinary bladder, analogue of the distal collecting duct of the mammalian nephron and rabbit kidney).

1976 – 1987: Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India, Division of Biochemistry, Assistant Director, (Jr. Grade).

1989: Research work at the National Institute of Medical Research, London, UK, on estrogen-induced transcription in frog liver. Visiting Scientist at Pasteur Institute Paris, INSERM, Paris (exchange programme between Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi and French Academy of Sciences, Paris). During this collaborative programme, research work on various aspects of the regulation of the alpha-feto protein gene.

1991: Established the Biotechnology Research Centre at WOCKHARDT Ltd Mumbai, India.

1991 – 1994: General Manager, Biotechnology
1994 – 2019: Director, Genomics & Biotechnology Research.

WOCKHARDT is a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that has grown by capitalising on two powerful trends impacting the world of medicine: globalisation and biotechnology. Built the biotechnology programme including laboratory and staff. Led a research and development team for the successful development of biosimilars/vaccines/fermentation products, some of which have been commercialised.

Awarded as WOCKHARDT Chairman for his significant contribution to the growth of WOCKHARDT in 1997 and 1999.

2021-2022: President, Central Research Institute, Korea.

Consultant activities for the Company since 2023.

Dr. Sahib has received a number of awards for his scientific work and has obtained a number of patents.

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