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We are moved by the fact that currently for almost 100 million people, the cost of health care is too high, pushing them into extreme poverty as they are forced to live on just US$1.90 or less per day (World Bank and WHO, 2017). If this trend continues in the shadows of natural calamities, wars and economic recessions, up to 5 billion people worldwide will not have access to adequate healthcare in 2030. This scenario needs to change: A change towards affordable access to quality healthcare for all!

On the other hand, the global pharmaceutical industry is facing multiple challenges, such as increasing pressure from government and health insurances to control prices, rising costs for research and development, manufacturing, and transportation, supply chain issues, etc. Lorven Biologics Germany stands with empathy for producers and consumers to tackle the global challenge in pharma sector.

Our vision is to develop and implement sustainable, innovative technologies for the production of healthcare and nutraceuticals that are affordable for all.

Innovative process development that aims to production of chemical and biological substances in more energy-efficient, resource-saving, health- and environment-friendly way.

Our approach is based on combining synthetic biology, modern biotechnology and green chemistry. We have developed a proprietary technology platform for the synthesis of products through microbial fermentation. This unique technology helps in significantly reducing the production steps and makes the process resource - and environment- friendly. Based on this, we have developed a rich portfolio of complex biological APIs and small molecule formulations. We also offer this technology under a contract-based manufacturing service to benefit multi-sector users.

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