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Natural Colourants
Our scientists have decades of experience in the production, manufacturing and application of biomolecules for food and feed additives, cosmetics, and for the health sector. For all requirements, such as colours, flavours, taste, etc., we offer tailor-made manufacturing processes for the key components. Lorven processes are optimized for energy-efficient, cost- and resource-saving, health- and environment-friendly production of nutraceuticals and natural colourants, meeting the specific needs of customers.
  • Using innovative, propritary technology, we have developed probiotic microorganisms to provide natural colourants with the advantage of economy of scale and high purity.
  • We use fermentation of genetically modified yeasts/probiotic microbes for bulk production of various Stevia glycosides as natural sweeteners at desired ratios, offering a customized taste experience.
  • Natural and greener protein for food through fermentation - from milk to burgers: We offer our partners the expertise in developing processes to produce animal-free proteins for food. Lorven strongly promotes eco-friendly, resource-efficient, highly efficient and optimised processes that help the planet stay greener. Our team specialises in the development of ``Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)`` microbes to produce proteins in customized, safe and environmentally friendly production process. Talk to us to get your microbes „designed“!
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